Thursday, June 26, 2008

H2oFilters Gravity Filter Comparison chart

Dunedin, Fl — H2oFilters has created two helpful comparison charts comparing the sizes on the Berkey gravity water filters as well as the sizes and flow rates of British Berkefeld and Doulton Super Sterasyl gravity filter elements.

The charts are designed to make decision making easier depending on your size and capacity requirements.

YOU CAN VIEW THE CHARTS HERE Gravity Filter Size Comparison Charts

Wednesday, June 18, 2008 a new dedicated site from H2oFilters.Com

H2oFilters.Com, due to the rapidly growing demand for gravity filters and emergency water filtration products, has created a new store, exclusively for these types of products.

Carrying top of the line products, stocks most Doulton, British Berkefeld, and Katadyn products, including the extremely popular "Big Berkey" and the Katadyn "Pocket Filter". also has a large assortment of Filtered Sports bottles for the active biker, hiker, or climber.

Free Shipping is even offered on certain orders (see store for details).

Visit the store to learn more by clicking here GravityFilters.Com A division of

Thursday, June 12, 2008

The WaterBOB emergency drinking water storage system

The WaterBOB emergency drinking water storage system is now available at, home to a large variety of emergency water filtration products.

The waterBOB™ is a water containment system that holds up to 100 gallons of fresh drinking water in any standard bathtub in the event of an emergency. Constructed of heavy duty food grade plastic, the waterBOB™ keeps water fresh and clean for drinking, cooking, washing and flushing. Water stored in an open bathtub, with dirt, soap film and exposure to debris will spoil and become useless.

During a hurricane or tropical storm, water main breaks and storm surges can interrupt or even contaminate your water supply. It is during these conditions the waterBOB™ may be used for temporary water storage. Constructed of heavy duty plastic that is FDA compliant for food storage, the waterBOB™ keeps water fresh and clean for up to 4 weeks.

Learn more and order here GravityFilters.Com A division of